Saturday, 13 September 2008

My previous dogs

this is poppy my springer spaniel sadly no longer with me, I had to have her put to sleep earlier this year she was 14 years old which is a good age for her breed she was a lovely dog stubborn loving and scared stiff of bangs and flashes so as a gun dog she was useless she too was a rescue dog from battersea dogs home

This is Judy my first dog she was a border collie
jack russell cross and was a fantastic dog she was
so obedient that you could walk with her off of the
lead and you knew where she would be, right on
your heel when she got to a kerb she promptly
sat down and waited until told to cross the road

And this is Lady my very first yorkie, and she was typical of the breed, thought she could rule the world, very loyal and loving full of character it was because of her that I fell in love with the breed

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